UCS redirect to installed app


im pretty sure that there is already a solution for this problem but i cant find it. I am hosting a ucs installation with Open Exchange as app. Now i can access it via my.domain/appsuite but i want to have a own cname for that. So i added the cname ox.my.domain to my dns configuration. But how can i redirect this domain directly to my.domain/appsuite?

And it should have LetsEncrypt too. Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance

BTW: I tried this solutin here: VirtualHosts UCS 4.0

But i guess thats not working because im using UCS 4.4-1. Does anyone have a working way to go?

try reading from here:

could be helpful, worked for me!

Okey, i already tried this one but it doesnt work for me.