UCS Reachable from internet - need some clarification

Hi Community,

I’ve been looking into the DC Slave setup as described in the UCS Reachable from internet article. I’m trying to create exactly the same setup as shown in the picture in this article.

Anyone know how i can connect this Member server to the Slave in DMZ (and not the DC Master in LAN) ?!

Kind regards.


root@slave:~# ucr search ldap/server/name
ldap/server/name: slave.multi.ucs
 Several LDAP servers can be operated in a UCS domain. The primary one is specified with this variable. Further servers are specified via 'ldap/server/addition'.


Hi Christian,
Thanks for your reply!

This is not the solution:

  • I’ve set this UCR variable on the Member server to the FQDN of the Slave.
  • In the firewall removed access for the Member server to port TCP/7389 on DC Master in LAN (Slave still has access)
  • Reboot the Member server

After this i can not log in to the Member server any more.

Kind regards.

Just noticed after the reboot that ldap/server/name still has the FQDN of the DC Master in LAN.