UCS OwnCloud License

I want install Owncloud appliance at home. So i install “Vmware univention owncloud” appliance.
I Registered to UCS and didn’t receive license but just a felicitation mail : “Great, you successfully installed and activated your installation of Univention Corporate Server (UCS). …”
i send again my mail address but didn’t receive anything.
how can i receive a valid free license ?


I don’t know which mail provider you’re using, but one possible reason might be that the mail containing the licenses was considered spam by your provider. Check in your spam folder. Additionally you could add the address the licenses are sent from to your contacts (the address is noreply@univention.de). Then trigger another registration by logging in to the management console (the web interface for managing your domain), clicking on the burger menu on the top right and selecting “License” → “Activiation of UCS”.

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