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one of my owncloud hdds needs to be extended (no more space left). I followed this guide but after the reboot the owncloud (docker?) won’t start or function correctly. When i try to connect via browser ill always get “Proxy errors” etc.

Done my research and it seems as if the docker container is damaged/ broken. I can not connect to the owncloud docker via “univention-app shell”

This error is being displayed “Cannot run command: 4.2/owncloud=10.0.9-20180720 is not running in a container”

Stoping /Strating this app doesn’t work. Restarting the USC doesn’t do anything. Restarting apache2 doesn’t do anything. (Starting stopping etc does work and there are no errors beeing displayed…)

Is there a way to tell why the app is not running correctly?

Is there a way to do this without breaking the owncloud? Is there an eayser way to add additional storage to an existing owncloud (extending the current harddrive? With Acronis, with a GUI based partition editor)?

Than you …Just a noob trying to get along with linux


Just found out what the issue was …

MariaDB was not running. Must have crashed while extending the HDD.

There is a log file prohibiting the restart of Maria DB … If the OC /NC hdd is 100% full the service crashes an can not be restarted.

This link helped me

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this article describes how to extend the storage for the ownCloud App Appliance:

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Thx i followed this exact TuT and after that it seems as if mariaDB crashed. The link in my previous post details the sollution to mariaDB mot starting again