UCS - Owncloud - Change web address

I’m currently using UCS version 4.2-1 and owncloud version 10.0.1-20170523

I’m new to using UCS, and have had issues with installion owncloud on it’s own in the past.

I would like to change the web address that the server uses to something else ( /login) instead of /owncloud

I have tried moving the directorys, and updating the apache2 files, through both proxy settings files, as well as trying to track down the specific location of the files that are passing this along.

I attempted to make changes in the files located in /etc/apache2/sites-available/

Nothing seemed to stick, even when I could place files in the locations, which is how i tested that i had the correct container. I was able to see my test files

I tried to google for information about where the files are, but cannot find anyone else who appears to have done this.
I know it should be possible, just not where to make the changes.

I installed this using the VMware esxi image located here: https://www.univention.com/products/univention-app-center/app-catalog/owncloud/

If anyone could help, that would be fantastic :slight_smile: