UCS Master/Slave Failover with Virtual IP


I wish to create environment with the smallest amount of downtime. Is it possible to create UCS Master or Slave failover with Virtual IP? For example clients will connect to, but UCS1 will have and UCS2 will have If one UCS will be down we will have still env. working from Virtual Ip.

Something like describe here: ldapcon.org/2011/downloads/Haferkamp-paper.pdf

Thank you for any answer and advise.


There is no need, bro. Every request from clients to AD is domain name (even in Microsoft environment). For example: PC 1 will send request to ABC.LOCAL domain for the authentication or whatever. The returned result can be from UCS Master or any UCS Backup server in your system. The request will be FAILED if all UCS (master and backup) servers are DOWN together.

Your diagram is suitable for a File Server or something like that.


like fmp said, for the Samba AD part there should be no need for this kind of failover scenario.
I also highly recommend this SDB entry: sdb.univention.de/content/1/336/ … setup.html

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Maybe I didn’t say it. In my network I have maybe 5% Windows machines. Most of OSX and Linux, then with AD is not working for me. But I figure out it. I installed keepalived package and configure Unicast for it. All is working perfect. Two SDC connect to PDC and users/systems connect to Virtual IP. If one server with SDC is down - for example power outage and it’s master then keepalived change to second SDC.

DNS changing is not solution for me. SDB I have too :slight_smile: But in every office I want to have local SDC’s.

If you want something like that then here I have good links:

kaivanov.blogspot.de/2015/02/kee … k-and.html
raymii.org/s/tutorials/Keepaliv … buntu.html
tecadmin.net/ip-failover-setup-u … redhat-6/#

For install keepalived:

$ univention-install libssl-dev libpopt0 build-essential $ cd /tmp $ wget http://keepalived.org/software/keepalived-1.2.19.tar.gz $ cd keepalived-1.2.19 $ ./configure $ make $ make install $ make clean