UCS Master/Slave Configuration



Can someone help me on this? Im trying to configure a master/slave setup of my univention but im having an error regarding the Domaincontroller record on the master server. Its telling me that there is no domain controller found on the Master Server but when I checked it its there.

Thanks in Advance



one essential preparation before joining a system to your UCS-based domain ist to make sure that the DNS provided by UCS is used. It is also possible to specify the DC master manually but this needs some extended understanding how a system join happens.



Hi ahrnke,

I’ve configured the slave to point its dns to the master server and still it cannot detect the domaincontroller record. I’ve also done some test checking if the record is on the master server and its there.


The join script is looking for a specific SRV record in the domain where the joining system resides.
You can check it on the system to be joined:

eval $(ucr shell)
host -t SRV "_domaincontroller_master._tcp.$domainname"

The expected result should look like

_domaincontroller_master._tcp.your.domain has SRV record 0 0 0 ucsmaster.your.domain.

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