UCS Management Console not accessable after Update to 4.2-1 errata 139



after installing latest errata 139 updates the UCS Management Website does not work anymore with this error in log:

16.08.17 13:52:35.847 MAIN ( PROCESS ) : Server started
16.08.17 14:00:40.485 MAIN ( PROCESS ) : Connection timed out.
16.08.17 14:00:44.095 MAIN ( PROCESS ) : Connection timed out.
16.08.17 14:00:47.962 MAIN ( PROCESS ) : Connection timed out.
16.08.17 14:00:47.962 MAIN ( PROCESS ) : Processor: dying
16.08.17 14:00:47.962 MAIN ( PROCESS ) : Processor: dying

any hints on that ?

when accessing the page throug https://serverip instead of https://serverfqdn it works


After upgrade can't log in via web

This is unusual. Does it help if you restart both server components:
service univention-management-console-server restart
service univention-management-console-web-server restart

The latest errata upgrade indeed changes something in the connection handling, so that after 30 seconds of IDLE sockets the connection times out.



no I already rebooted the whole servers but the same result - in this installation i have 4 UCS Server 1 Master and 3 Backup Servers - as long as the server is on errata 133 all works - with errata 139 the server is not responding after logging in (portal is accessable)

after running the update through the UMC Web Gui when the update is finished it normaly reloads update webpage - and with errata139 I only get blank page

after changing server fqdn to ip it works:

Problem is the same on all 4 Servers


Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this issue. Can you please execute “ucr set umc/server/debug/level=4 umc/module/debug/level=4” and restart the services and do a login and afterwards attach the logfiles (You can use https://upload.univention.de/)?


And could you open the developer console if your browser (chrome? → strg+shift+I → then open the “Console” tab | Firefox → right click → “Inspect Element” → “Console tab”) and copy all the messages there.



I now tested with IE11 and Edge Browser and it works and seems to be Problem with firefox (my default browser)
have no chrome to test



Maybe it helps to remove your browser cache? We added some new notification system as well. There might be problems due to the javascript update. The javascript cache is currently set to one day which might cause problems.


Ok that was the problem !!!