UCS - local Administrator after AD join?


We have joined a Windows Server 2019 AD with an UCS. I am now looking for a solution to give the AD-User ‘UCS-Admin’ full admin rights on the UCS. If the UCS would be a normal Microsoft Member Server I would put ‘UCS-Admin’ in the lokal group “Administrators” but there aren’t any local groups.

As one solution I thought about creating a local User on the UCS but this one would be isolated from the AD. Any Ideas?

Lutz Falkenburg

This will add a sudo rule for the group “Domain Admins”:

ucr set auth/sudo=yes

Oh, fine but the User won’t be in the group “Domain Admins”. I would like to give a single AD User Adminrights ONLY von the UCS Member-Server.

Then you should add the user to the system group “sudo”:

adduser $username sudo

Sorry for asking but that’s the way to give the AD User administrative Rights in the Webinterface? To do the usual administrative work.


That’s a good idea, but I can’t find a policy that involve all admin rights. I can only specify a policy for user-management or for updates …

Okay, I will give it a try. Thank you.