UCS, Kopano and AD

I have a problem and need help. I already googled it and couldn’t find anything. I set up a UCS server with Kopano. The server joined my AD domain (Memberserver). When I now create a new user in AD and try to set the Kopano permission via the user administration, “The LDAP object could not be saved: For Kopano users there must be a primary e-mail address”. Unfortunately the field is grayed out. I have now tried to set the mail attribute in AD, but this didn’t work.

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Hi @virtualmagic,

I have no experience with the ad member mode of ucs, but could it be that you filled the wrong email attribute in the ad?

I used the “mail” attribute for this. Strangely enough, it works for everyone who had a mailbox in Exchange. I tried to create an Exchange mailbox for the new user and got an address in UCS. At the moment I’m looking for the entries in the AD attribute editor.

Hi @virtualmagic,

the integration package is using mailPrimaryAddress for the email.

I just completed my final test. It looks like UCS is using an attribute called “proxyAddresses”. This attribute contains a list of email addresses in the format protocol - colon - address. e.g. smtp:misterx@domain.com. There is an entry where the “SMTP” is capitalized. UCS seems to use this entry as primary eMail address. Another afternoon is over. But at least I learned something again :slight_smile:

PS: An entry with the name “mailPrimaryAddress” does not exist in my AD.