UCS joining MS AD - not all the users are ported

Hi there,
So, the problem is that after joining MS AD I have other set of users ported to the newly set server. To be more explicit, in the Users->Users I have got a bunch of user accounts, including accounts that was deactivated because of employees left us, as well as some special accounts like Guest, Internet Guest Account and SUPPORT_388945a0. Instead a couple of active old accounts are not imported.
What shall I check to assure I didn’t miss something?

Are users all in the same OU ?


have a look in your active directory cn=names, if you have a “komma” (,) in the Username cn-attribut, did not work. for example Mercury, Freddy ( wrong)
sorry about my english…
rgds pekka

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Hi Pekka,
Thank you very much for suggestion. I wish it was that simple, but unfortunately this is not the case.
Actually, if you look in the management console of the AD, in the properties of any user, you can see that display name is of form “LastName, FirstName”, nevertheless, none of the user names contain comma, neither period ("," or “.”). So, it doesn’t help.
BR, Marin

Hi Cristian!
Yes all the users are in the same OU. Or at least for the last couple of years, as earlier they were in different OUs.
Anything else? Shall I look into logs somewhere in the UCS?

Do you have suggestions upon what I have to check in order to debug the problem? I’d be very thankful.

Dear All
Still looking for the answers regard this situation, when not all of the AD users are imported. In case there is no solution, it looks like migrating from MS AD to UCS LDAP is not a workable scenario.