UCS join scripts failing after UCS update

Hello folks,
I’m facing a huge problem with specific join-scripts on UCS 4.4-8 errata1001 that don’t allow me to update ownCloud app from to
The following join scripts are failing:


My ownCloud UCS is a pre-configured owncloud VM that has been up-and-running for 2 years without particular issues, I just paid attention to keep it up-to-date installing UCS and ownCloud updates as soon as they were available.
UCS LDAP is AD domain joined member and nothing has been changed at AD side, nor username neither computer account or OU. AD synchronization also seems to be working fine.
I suppose that one of the latest UCS updates broke something, however I do hope to solve it as soon as possible with your kind support.
Please find the attached logfile join.log (32.4 KB).

Thanks in advance,

UP please reply - UP please reply!

I had same problem with same UCS errata and owncloud version weeks ago … I finally uninstalled owncloud and did the upgrade to UCS 5.0 hoping it would help fix but still does not install.