UCS & Intune (Endpoint Manager)

Hi everyone,
we have been toying with UCS and UCS@school for a while now.
We are currently ramping up the use of Microsoft Intune (Endpoint Manager) to manage our mobile devices (mostly Windows Laptops but some Ipads as well).
Is there a way to use Intune to assign devices to the domain managed by UCS? I would like to sync the UCS users with Azure - that should be easy enough with the O365 connector. If we can find a way to add the univention domain to the Endpoint manager and assign the devices to that domain, it would be an interesting setup to consider. I am aware there are other tools available (e.g. Filewave MDM) but I like to trial as many different setups as possible before committing to a certain solution.
Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.