UCS in Proxmox - problem with installation process

Hi there!

Had anyone same problem with installation in Proxmox Virtual Environment an UCS server?
Other linux like imges works great - there is a problem only with UCS iso DVD.

It just look like on screen below:

Checked with 4.4 and 4.3.

Thanks in advance!

I didn’t have any issue when I loaded UCS in proxmox, but I don’t recall which version I started with. I still have the file, UCS-Installation-amd64.iso on my drive. It’s from 2019-09-05 if that helps. If you can find an older image and then upgrade from there it might work.

I installed 4.4-4 on 2 different PVE Servers last week without any problem - for me it looks like your ucs-iso image upload is defektive - check the iso


I have uploaded the file to the server and the installation started without any problems from the ISO file.

Thanks for suggestions.


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