UCS Domain user cached profile lifetime

Hello everyone,
First of all I would like to apologise if such topic has already be opened, I did not manage to find it myself.

What I would like to ask for is, do you happen to know what is the validity of the cached domain profile.
For example, if I take my domain member Windows 7 notebook and come back to the office in let us say 6 months, would I be able to log-in? Surely, after rest of my password. I am aware such scenario has been issue at the time of Windows Server 2000, now-a-days domain controllers should have solved it so long time ago, I believe.

Can some one advise, please.

Many, many thanks in advance.

Hi, I think this is still a problem. The AD/Samba4 will tombstone objects that does not contact the DC after a while. This is why it may happen after some month, that the domain-trust-relationship gets lost. easiest way would be to reset the computer account:

Client - Commandline:
# netdom.exe resetpwd /server:<server> /userD:<administrator> /passwordD *

or rejoin the client.