UCS DNS - Different IP for same name



Just curious. DNS is global by nature, but I am wondering if it is possible to have somename.domain.local point to an IP in one site/UCS and the same name point to another IP in another site/UCS?



in general this is possible, yes. For the DNS server used by UCS, bind, the concept is called “views”. However, you cannot configure views using Univention’s management tools.

That being said: you can add arbitrary configuration to UCS’ bind via the file /etc/bind/local.conf.samba4 (if the UCR variable dns/backend is set to samba4; otherwise the correct file would be /etc/bind/local.conf).

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Thanks for the info! Will stick with Global DNS for the time being. Rather not go to edit files without Univention’s management tools.


The mentioned files are supposed to be changed by the user. So it is absolutely safe to use them- any changes here will survive Univention updates.

But in one way you are right: you will have to check the compatibility of your settings (in the mentioned files) with the ones UCS uses. And you will have another place to be checked for in case of any issues.

But besides of these “warnings” you can easily edit the settings here.




well, the problem with views is that they use whole new zone files for each view. Keeping those zone files up to date with the changes made in UCS (at least those changes you also want to see in the other views) is going to be a pain. I’m not a big fan of using views, and not just for that reason — also or even more importantly because it makes the whole network a whole lot more complex, increasing the difficulty of diagnosing problems later on.



100% agree.

Wanted just to make clear the files are there for modifications by the user.

It is a different question if it makes sense in this case, indeed.