UCS Dashboard zeigt keine Daten


Gibt es irgendwelche speziellen Settings, die gemacht werden müssen, damit das Dashboard Daten empfängt?

Ich hab die 3 Apps auf dem DC installiert und den Client noch auf ein paar weiteren Servern, das Dashboard bleibt aber auch nach ein paar Stunden weiterhin leer.


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English translation of original post:

No there should not be any special settings. One thing to check would be a matching time and timezone between the servers as well as the client with the browser.



I have just installed UCS Dashboard and 3 clients. But I don’t have any data in Dashboard. When I try Prometheus then I can see some data, but Grafana doesn’t show them. What should I configure more for that?

Thank you for help!

Another strange thing: I see something like that in process

/bin/prometheus --config.file=/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml --web.route-prefix=/metrics-prometheus/ --web.external-url=/metrics-prometheus/

But I can not check that conf files.


config files for prometheus and grafana are in the docker container, but we map the config directories to the docker host, so that the files can be accessed on the docker host in /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/prometheus/conf for prometheus and /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/admin-dashboard/conf for grafana.

here some points to check:

  • Are all three Dashboard Apps installed?
-> univention-app info
UCS: 4.3-1 errata160
Installed: admin-dashboard=1.0-beta  prometheus=1.0-beta prometheus-node-exporter=1.0-beta
  • Are there ucs/univention files in /var/lib/prometheus/node-exporter?
-> more /var/lib/prometheus/node-exporter/ucs-domain-info.prom
ucs_user_count 1
ucs_client_count 0
ucs_server_count 1
ucs_license 2
ucs_domain_info{ldap_master="master.w2k12.test"} 1
  • Do all clients have the univentionService=metrics-node setting on their LDAP object?
-> univention-ldapsearch -LLL cn=master univentionService
dn: cn=master,cn=dc,cn=computers,dc=w2k12,dc=test
univentionService: metrics-node
  • Are all clients listed in the Prometheus Database target config?
-> /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/prometheus/conf/targets.json 
[{"targets": ["metrics-prometheus.master.w2k12.test", "metrics-node.master.w2k12.test"]}]
  • Are there error message regarding the “prometheus-targets” listener handler in the listener log file /var/log/univention/listener.log?

Known Issues:

  • The Prometheus database refuses to return data if the time difference between the computer your browser is running on and the UCS Dashboard server is too big (check https://$DASHBAORD_SERVER_IP/metrics-prometheus/graph for an error message). We try to figure out if there is a configuration option to relax this behavior.
    -> Make sure the system time of your client and the UCS system is synchronous.
  • The Dashboard components communicate via HTTPS with the UCS hostname. Therefor it is necessary that to Apache webserver of the UCS system uses a certificate which is valid for the UCS hostname. Currently that is not the case with the Let’sEnrypt App.
    -> Make sure a HTTPS connection to the UCS system using the UCS hostname can be established.

I did all the test above but first I will tell you what I have regarding Known Issues:

  1. I have: Warning! Detected 43.19 seconds time difference between your browser and the server. Prometheus relies on accurate time and time drift might cause unexpected query results.

But I don’t have I can change it. I have OSX client machine and time is set by Apple Servers in EU. On servers/ucs I have timezone set but my all nodes are in AWS. Maybe this is a problem.

  1. SSL is ok and working.

I think first I wish to fix issue with time and check. Soon I will paste all answers from test above.


I have installed chrony to setup time. We have our UCS in AWS and chrony is better then ntp. Now I can not go to Dashboard :frowning: I see:

The requested URL /ucs-dashboard/ was not found on this server.

I have not removed any files/packages. I even reinstalled it. Maybe I have to start somehow that Prometheus? Could you tell me how can I do it?


so here is the prometheus bug that added the timeDrift check https://github.com/prometheus/prometheus/pull/3276, seems to be necessary …

I had the same problem im my test machine now (Warning! Detected 47269.38 seconds time difference between your browser and the server. Prometheus relies on accurate time and time drift might cause unexpected query results.). Workaround for now is to select an appropriate time range in the grafana web interface (top right corner). By default this is set to “Last 5 minutes”, if i changes this to “Last 24h” i see the results.

What we could do is

  1. Set “timepicker”: {“nowDelay”: “1m”} in the dashboard configuration, the default time range for queries then would be (now-1m)-6h which may compensate for the “43.19 seconds time difference”
  2. Or/And set the default time range from now-6h to now-24h (“time”: {“from”: “now-24h”,…)

If you want to check this, the configuration for the Domain dashboard can be found in
/var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/admin-dashboard/data/provisioning/dashboards/home-dashboard.json (but it is overwritten during app updates!).

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Server Info on the Domain dashboard may still be empty. This panel queries the univention_server_info metric’s latest value, but by default prometheus looks back only for 5 minutes (that is not the whole story, it also has something to do with https://prometheus.io/docs/prometheus/latest/querying/basics/#staleness), if there is no value the result is empty. This can be configured by the global “–query.lookback-delta=5m” parameter. We may need to increase this too.

After that problem with chrony I don’t see DashBoard in my master but on backup I see it:

  • On Master
univention-app install admin-dashboard
Cannot use admin-dashboard=1.0-beta as docker is to be ignored, yet, only non-docker versions could be found
  • On Backup
univention-app install admin-dashboard
Going to install UCS Dashboard (Beta) (1.0-beta)

Do you have any idea?



Ok. I have everything up and running on my Master server. How can I add some data to it?

Hi, as i understand that was a more general AppCenter problem and is now resolved with the help of the Univention Support Team.

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