UCS Dashboard free for personal use?


it’s clear that the UCS Dashboard is not included in the UCS Core Edition. But it’s allowed to use it with the “old” free for personal use license?


I’m not able to install it now… i have some servers old servers that i have it, bue in new installations i cannot install :confused:

The dashboard or the license?

The dashboard… the package node-exporter is missing

@Univention Would be nice to receive an answer.


The “Core Edition” is the successor of the “free for personal use” license. The “Core Edition” comes without the constraints regarding the number of allowed users or clients that the “free for personal use” edition had. So, there is no advantage in keeping the old “free for personal use” license.

The usage of the UCS Dashboard is bound to the conclusion of a UCS subscription.


Can you give us more information about your installation problems? What UCS Version do you have, the full error message (screenshot or logfile)?

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@Steuwer in and server i’m having issues after install 4.4 that i get module errors so i cannot use the webgui to install the module.

Anyway i find the package name and i can install the module after that via cmd line.

From your reply to @SirTux … the core edition isn’t a ucs subscription? Is my understanding that the free for personal use is a subscription/license without support… but if that is not the case ucs dashboard should’t be installed in core edition