UCS Core server: Windows Remote Desktop Device CAL licenses service


Dear all,
What happens if want that a UCS Core server take over an existing windows Domain (MS Windows 2016 with a Remote Desktop Licensing Server running) and what happens with existing Remote Desktop Device CAL licenses. Is it possible to add or replace a windows server (w2016 or W2012) at the UCS core server and how is that achieved that Remote Desktop Licensing service is working?

furthermore is it possible to install on a UCS core server a Remote Desktop Licensing service to administer and provide Windows Remote Desktop Device CAL licenses? if so, how can be this done or what needs to to be considered?

Thanks very much for your reply. We are in progress of setting up a migration plan for our existing w2012/2016 infrastructure and your quick reply is much appreciated.

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UCS can take over your ActiveDirectory domain. But obviously it cannot run any additional Windows services like terminalserver or so.

If you want to use these services you have to set up a Windows server and integrate as “member server” into the UCS-Domain. There you can install and configure all your terminal server related stuff.



Hi Christian
Thanks vm for your reply. Just be precise. I mean not runa RD server on a UCS (which as you said is no possible of course). But can UCS core or Samba function emulate the Remote Desktop Licensing Server from windows or as I assume correct we need install in addition to the UCS Core server (as AD DC) also a Windows 2012/2016 Server. And this server shall be able to provide Device CAL licenses to our Clients?

Hope I not confuse now more rather than explain more :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your help
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you got it.
Afaik UCS cannot emulated any sort of additional Windows services. It is no difference if you run the terminal server service or the licence sever service. Both need to run on a Windows server.
An no, they cannot run on a UCS. Both.



Hi Christian,
thanks for the detailed reply. that helps a lot.

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