UCS can't finish setup because license verification

Hello, I recently knew UCS because its appliance with OwnCloud. I downloaded the .ova file and import it into my VirtualBox. I did a successful setup and import the license without problems. I screwed it up by playing around in the terminal. No problem, it is a virtual machine, I tough. I started a new virtual machine, but now I cannot finish the setup. Always I get this error:

“To install the ownCloud appliance it is necessary to have an activated USC license on the master domain controller. During the license status the following error ocurred:
Channel 0: protocol error: close rcvd twice
Unable to execute command or shell on remote system: Failde to Execute process.”

So, what I need to do in order I can get this installed again?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

File downloaded: https://appcenter.software-univention.de/univention-apps/current/owncloud/Univention-App-owncloud-virtualbox.ova

Welcome saRca,

how are you setting up your appliance specifically? Is it supposed to run as a single master for testing or are you trying to join it into an existing UCS or Active Directory domain?

From the information given I assume you are trying to either join to an existing UCS or Active Directory domain.

During setup of the OwnCloud appliance: Does it have access to a network which contains a Windows Server running freeSSHd?

Hello, first apologize for my English since my level is very low.

I have a problem when deploying the appliance, when I try to join it to my active directory in the installation I get this error "TO install the owncloud appliance it is necessary to have an activated UCS license on the master domain controller. following error occurred: ssh: connect to host srvdatastore.acisa.local port 22: Connection timed out. "
Previously I did a test installation and I did not have any problem, joined my active directory with WS2012r2 and I took charge of the list of domain users.

I have deleted everything related to the owncloud in the direct search area and vice versa from the DNS server.

Can you help me?

Thank you very much and greetings.


you should remove the dns entry


from dns server as this seems to point to the previously installed test


Thank you very much for the reply, I deleted the DNS server entries and I see another error “owncloud appliance could not be joined because the license on the DC master is not activated” and they still could not add up.

Again, thank you very much for your answers.

Did you start from scratch ?
It seems as you try to continue the install that was aborted - so it tries to contact a ucs master - what i see/guess is the owncloud appliance the only UCS server in your envirenment - so this appliance should get to be the UCS Domain Master - I would sugggest to kill this machine and redeploy from scratch


Yes, I’m doing a installation from scratch, I deploy the appliance and told you to join my domain controller in Windows 2012 server existing in the selection “Join into an existing Microsoft Active Directory domain” also indicated that you join as "Member Server “asks me for the login of the administrator account to log in to the domain, I specify the name of the system as” SRVCLOUD "and I indicate the local root password and click on Configure System.

Just after clicking on configure system, I see this error, which, when I did a test installation a few weeks ago, did not appear and perfectly joined the domain.

I do not know what to do :frowning:

you should not select “member mode” instead you have to select “new Domain Controller” as this is not related to AD domain - it’s Univention Domain ment


Ok, thank you very much christian.
I have already managed to solve the problem, now I would like to expand the xdev5 partition (where the files are saved) that only has 50 GB and expand the space to 2024 GB.
I am trying it with pvcreate and vgextend but it does not allow me. Would you know how I could expand the partition?


here is a good description for that: