UCS-Backup (with Bareos) on bare metal or VM?

because I made some mistakes when setting up my UCS systems:

KVM host = UCS backup

I would now like to change that.

For virtualization I will put Proxmox under it. The UCS backup comes on a separate server. Does it make sense to install the second server with Proxmox and run the UCS backup (with Bareos) on it as VM?

Or would it be better to install it directly without KVM?

with best

I’ve tested Bareos a long Time on LXC, then on UCS with KVM. Second one was nice, because the installation an integration in UCS. We had Bareos running on Proxmox ZFS. And it was really fast.

But unfortunately because of the high complexity and the incomprehensible documentation I gave up the project and am back to BackupPC4. One of the mainproblems was, that bareos was not able to save UCS server. The implementation was not designet to do that. Too bad.

If you speak german, you can go ahead with my documentation.

Good Luck!