UCS as NFS fileserver, no luck

I’m attempting to setup an AD domain with UCS and provide SMB and NFS shares.

SMB seems relatively straight-forward, but I’m having issues with NFS.

I’ve seen this doc:

And followed it over to the NFS portion of the UCS 4.4 documentation:


None of this makes much sense really. Why do I need to define a policy if there’s no place to apply the policy? How come there doesn’t seem to be an “exports” point defined anywhere in /etc/exports?

I would expect that I would define somewhere a mount point to be the “export root” for NFS (for instance, /media/NFS/exports or something). Then I would somehow grab a specific point on a filesystem and say “share this as NFS mount point X”

Further for-instance…If I have /media/NAS/Content as a filesystem on the UCS server, and I want to export that as an NFS share, I would expect that I could define an NFS mount point (like above) as say /media/NFS/exports/Content and say that that mount point is the actual filesystem /media/NAS/Content.

It looks like there are some steps missing from the UCS share creation app to actually make fully working NFS mounts. Either that or I’m really just not understanding how UCS handles NFS shares.