UCS as drop in replacement for a Windows file server


I am trying to build a drop in replacement for a windows file server in a windows AD mostly to evaluate the possibilities.
I have installed UCS and the “Windows compatible Member Server” package. I joined it as member to the domain and I have read the docs on creating shares in UCS but I still got a lot of questions and some kind of best practice advice would be nice. :slight_smile:

  • First of all: I can’t find the shares in the WebUI where is it ?? :smiley:
    In the Domain-Section I can only find “Domain Join” and see that it is joined to my windows domain

  • I would like to add a second hard disk to my UCS VM for the file data but I figured there is no way to manage disks and partitions via the web UI ?
    So I guess I have to do it on the cli? What file system is best for hosting shares for Windows clients if I want to use all the NTFS permissions and inheritance features? EXT4? XFS?

  • Should I use LVM? What if my disk is bigger than 2TB?

  • How does this mount with xattr work? Is there an example on how to mount such a disk properly with the right options?

I think the documentation on the topic is quite detailed but IMHO it lacks some easy to follow step-by-step guides, like this one “https://www.univention.com/blog-en/2016/09/kopano-to-go-please/” :slight_smile:
(or at least I could not find one)


Hm, no answer so far… then maybe start a little bit smaller.

As written before, I have installed a USC, joined it to my windows domain and it got the “windows compatible member server” package installed.

Where would I configure my first share because I can’t find it anywhere in the web UI :neutral_face: