UCS as Domain Controller (active directory)


We have more than one ucs server all one master and the others as slaves, because the site location, one of the servers is a little old, but is in place as only server 10 ppl, the issue is i’m not able to restrict other users to logon to that server…

So some time the windows machine from site A connect to the server on site D, anyway to avoid that?

The usual way is by setting up sites in Active Directory properly. That way machines located in site A use the DCs for site A whereas machines from site D use the DC for site D for logon purposes. Here is one of many good tutorials how to set up AD sites. And yes, you use the same tools with a UCS-based AD, too.

@Moritz_Bunkus I have follow some how to in the past … maybe the “costs” path is what i’m missing, will check it.

Thanks again