UCS as a NAS system, add domain controller functions later


This is probably outside the normal scope, but I would like to ask if it is possible to use UCS as a NAS System (without joining a domain) and add DC functions optionally later. Users would be granted access to their respective folders via SAMBA, and would not require DC functionality (and active Directory Services), at least for now.
During Install, I only found an Option to install a barebone System, e.g. for use as a Firewall, but the required functionality for Managing SAMBA Shares and permissions were missing.

Is there any way to install Basic NAS functionality without a DC?



you will access files through SAMBA. So how will the users authenticate to Samba? Will you use and configure permissions or should access to the share be public available?

Granting access needs some sort of user administration. If done via Samba, it will act as a DomainController itself or forward requests to such a server.

Either way as long as not all files are available for all you will need some sort of user management. User management can be done by UCS as AD server or by integrating it into an existing AD domain.

And no, there is AFAIK no NAS installation option available. Use OpenNAS or FreeNAS or distros like this. But even then you will need user management…



Freenas, openmediavault, etc. have options to act as a Domain Controller, or not, if I remember correctly. In my environment, I would leave the DC option off, share publicly via SAMBA and manage permissions on the Windows clients. I had assumed I could do this on ucs, too, and perhaps later switch DC functionality on without setting up a new system. Although I might be getting something wrong here, as I am obviously not an IT professional.