UCS and google accounts

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I have implemented UCS server in my own company.I have more then one login for each user in my company. User for email(gmail service) user for erp system and user for IP phone system. So I am thinking to just use one centralized authentication. I have solved the problem between erp and email and made the gmail is the base. No I want UCS use the google authentication. so when user open his computer (windows) on the local network ,he will type the same google password. I have come to google apps for work but that one give me opposite by making UCS is the centralized authentication and I want to avoid that because in case UCS goes down I will lost access to all my company resources.

So is there a way that UCS synchronized with google passwords?


I am not aware of any solution that provides what you need, not even for plain Linux in general. I’m reasonably certain that such a solution doesn’t exist at all at the moment.

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I think libpam-google-authenticator provides user authentication to a linux system using google as the authentication provider. I’d be very much in favor of having the ability for all accounts in UCS that are marked as google based being able to have their passwords checked and maintained by google rather than by UCS.

It would of course be possible for the google-connector to synchronize passwords to google. But SSO with an external provider will probably never be implemented for UCS. All your external services could still do it of course.
The reason this is not implemented is, that this would be the reverse of the promise we give out customers: “the control of your privacy and data is yours”.

Daniel Tröder