UCS 5 : reboot & halt in Univention Portal?


It seems to be a silly question but: in UCS 4.X there was the option in the Web-Portal for admins to reboot or halt the UCS-Server. After upgrading or newinstallation of UCS 5.0 we can not find this simple functions in the Web-Portal nor in the documentation. Do we miss something to obvious?

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there was no reboot/shutdown in UCS 4 too on portal site only on management site


Many thanks!

My question was to silly as assumed before :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello, I’m sorry but I cannot find reboot/shutdown in UCS5 interface … I’m newbie and this is my very first installation.
Thank you very much in advance


The UCS5 server can be reboot/halted by login to the managment gui:


and then in the rigth menu under menu option “Server” … (see image)



thank you very much for quick response … ?!? … very strange … this is my situation … the same result when I login to local domain



I am loggedin as Administrator (default) and not as root. I do not know if that may change the behavior?


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as @relume already pointed out it is advisable to login as Administrator when maintaining your system from the UMC, you can find more about that here: https://docs.software-univention.de/manual-5.0.html#central-management-umc:login
With the local root Account, which is not stored in the LDAP, only a portion of modules are available.
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Hello ,
I’not sure any more what Administrator-login means, but when I said local domain I meant login as Administrator to local AD-domain (UCS AD domain )
The result is the same …

Is there maybe some other profile to login to ?



I’ve found reboot/poweroff option in UCS44 but in UCS50 no way …

You never ever had a shutdown/reboot option in UCS4.4 Portal
you have to use the management URL
like: https://FQDN/univention/management/

not https://FQDN/univention/portal


As @externa1 pointed out in the marked solution and in the above message, power management options via the sidebar are only available from the Univention Management Console and if logged in as Administrator.
If you are logged in as root or have opened the sidebar from the Portal itself, the options to control you servers state are not present.

Its not very clear to me when to use UMC Portal or Management URL?

From a fresh install accesing the IP I’m redirected to /univention/portal. For further Administration there is a link to /univention/umc. There is no hint to use the management URL somewhere in the portal. And it seems to me there is no difference in functionality between those two frontends.

So why Shutdown and Reboot are only implemented under /univention/management ??