UCS 5 installer does not start in UEFI environment in Proxmox


UCS 5 is about to be installed under Proxmox in a virtual machine with activated UEFI but after the boot menu, the VM stays in the text console, repeating an error message and the graphical installer does not come up:



In Proxmox…

  • shut down the virtual instance
  • select the Hardware tab of the virtual machine
  • edit the entry Display
  • select the Graphic card entry VirtIO-GPU or VMware compatible
  • start the virtual instance

Afterwards walk through the shown installer to install the base system. After installing the UCS base system, a reboot is performed and the second part of the installation is shown in a graphical user interface.
If the GUI of the second part is not shown and the text console says unassigned-hostname login: then log in as user root and follow the given hints right after login.
(This has been tested with Proxmox 6.3-6)

It was necessary to change the default graphics card for a while. After some update of UCS or Proxmox nothing could be seen on the virtual screens. And as you correctly describe, the remedy is virtio. We use this card everywhere as default. The whole thing also applies to UCS4.x

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In my Proxmox environment the graphic card Default resulted in the following CLI arguments for the kvm process:
-device VGA,id=vga,vgamem_mb=16,bus=pci.0,addr=0x2
These arguments are not working with the debian installer of UCS 5 as seen in the screenshot above.