UCS 5 automatic EGroupware installation

Hey there,

we are trying to install EGroupware via App Center on a fresh installed UCS version 5.
Everything seems to get installed correct until you access EGroupware.
Many packages are missing (Checking EGroupware Installation):

Anyone know how to fix this?
Is there a newer version of the docker containers? If so, how can i update the UCS app?


That’s a known and already fixed problem.

The fix comes with the next EGroupware maintenance release, probably this week.

Anyway it’s only a display problem, the packages are installed.


Thanks for the Info!
We will skip the check.

Will the rest of the installation process be fixed as well?
So writing the header.inc.php and the non-functioning database connection after you have manually filled in and dropped the header.inc.php?

I’m not aware of a problem in that regard.

The app-installation should run automatic, with no manual steps.


Oh okay.

We have received the error that the header.inc.php could not be written.
After creating the file, no connection to the database server could be established. I guess that this is also a container problem.
The database server is not running in the container.

Maybe we will install it on a other server “standalone”.

Hi Jonathan.

Can you attach the Appcenter installation log here?

Where did you see it?


I have just installed on a freshly installed
5.0-2 errata345
installed EGroupware. Works without error.

Open EGroupware and log in.
Nothing has to be done manually.

Incidentally, this is the same for an EGroupware standard installation. Debian (as an example) base, only ssh, install, integrate repo,
apt install egroupware-docker
log in, done.


Good morning Stefan,

after we skip the installation checks we see this form:

Here is our appcenter.log (Sorry, new users can not upload attachments):

Where we can find the docker-compose file (which is currently generated by the UCS)?
I think the correct one is placed here /var/lib/univention-appcenter/apps/egroupware/compose/docker-compose.yml. Isn’t it?
We will try a installation on a other server (connected to the OpenLDAP server of UCS).

Thank you!

Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding…?
The UCS portal offers you the EGroupware setup. But normally you don’t have to do anything in it. You can log in directly to EGroupware (the other EGroupware icon: EGroupware Login).

The appcenter.log looks good. I can’t find any problem/error there.


You mean this one, correct?

We always get the check installation screen and if we skip this, we are getting the setup screen.
Anyways. We will try it on a other host without UCS.

Runs fine with self created docker-compose file (on a other host in this case).






We clicked on the correct icon :slight_smile:
Same setup window opens.