UCS 5.2 Beta 1 released

UCS 5.2 Beta 1 has been released on our testing mirror.

You can test the beta 1 version of the upcoming UCS 5.2. New installations as well as updates from UCS 5.0 are possible.

Attention The beta 1 release is not covered by the support. It is meant to test and evaluate. You can use UCS 5.2 Beta 1 to test Apps, software compatibility and so on. All machines that run 5.2 Beta 1 at some point should be considered unsupported and “to-be-thrown-away”: We will not support any smooth package updates, not to a potential Beta release, certainly not to the official and final UCS 5.2 release.

In order to install UCS 5.2 from scratch, you can use the following ISO image and follow our univention-system-setup as always:

In order to update from UCS 5.0-7 errata998 to UCS 5.2, you can do the following:

ucr set repository/online/server='https://updates-test.software-univention.de' repository/online/verify='no'

Note that we run a script before the actual upgrade is done. This may fail with error messages and hints how to fix them. E.g., you need to migrate to Keycloak. Please follow this link: Migration guide: SimpleSAMLphp/Kopano Konnect to Keycloak — Migration guide: SimpleSAMLPHP to Keycloak


  • During the installation (not upgrade), the Keycloak App will be installed in the background. This requires a working internet connection (configured in the dedicated page in our System setup)
  • Before upgrading from UCS 5.0, you need to install the Keycloak App. Not all Apps are currently supported for UCS 5.2. If you encounter difficulties, you can try to switch to the Test App Center with the following commands: univention-install univention-appcenter-dev; univention-app dev-use-test-appcenter. It may be that at this very moment, some development versions of the Apps are broken and the upgrade will not work completely.
  • The upgrade will require the very latest software version of UCS (UCS 5.0-7 errata998 at the time of writing). Via the command line tool univention-upgrade, you will see an upgrade to 5.0-6 and then to 5.1-0 and then to 5.2-0. This is intentional. The UMC module “Software updates” will not show 5.1-0.
  • The test mirror will be updated frequently. It may be that at this very moment, some development versions of the packages are broken and the upgrade will not work completely. Please bear with us while we will fix these errors. We should find them via our testing infrastructure. But if the problems persist, please notify us.
  • All UCS servers that upgrade from UCS 5.0 to UCS 5.2 should have set this UCR variable prior to the upgrade: ucr set ucs/server/sso/fqdn=ucs-sso-ng."$(ucr get domainname)"
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