UCS 5.01 broke networking for Intel X710

I just updated from a fully patched UCS 4.4.8 to 5.01 and at first it wouldn’t recognize the X710 nic but I disabled the irqbalance service and restarted and now it see’s the nic as “eth2” where as before it was only seeing eth1 and eth3. Nothing else has changed in my setup other than updating UCS.

My network switchs report a good link with no errors and a 10G full duplex connection is active. The server after disabling irqbalance says eth2 is up but I cannot ping anything. It does have a default route in it’s routing table back to the router but I still can’t ping it.

Update: I found out that the update renamed my interface but didn’t correspondingly update /etc/network/interfaces. I was manually able to update the interfaces file and restart networking then change it in system settings via the web interface. I initially tried via ucr in the command line but it didn’t seem to like me changing from eth2 to eth0.

also go into “Univention Configuration Registry”
as the search term,
just give the records in there the once over, to make sure your data matches.