Ucs 5.0 installation

I have installed ucs 5.0, but I was not asked any questions about domain etc. I end up with “unassigned hostname login”.
Can someone help, please?

Please provide more details: How did you install UCS, e.g. from ISO, on EC2 using our AMI image, our KVM/VirtualBox/VMWare-Image, …?
The installation happens in two phases:

  1. the Debian Installer runs and sets up the partitions and installs all basic packages - you only see this if you install from ISO; with our pre-prepared images this already happened.
  2. runs our “Univention System Setup”, where you configure your domain, chose the domain role - you always get this.

Depending on your answer from above please clarify if you successfully completed phase 1. If not 2. will not start.

Phase 2 should be launched after the (re-)boot. If not then the X-server might have failed to start. If your stuck on the text console please take a screen-shot and post it here: I’d like to see if univention-system-setup-boot is there: it should have started the 2nd phase.

If you have any Linux experience you might want to login on the text console yourself as user root and have a look at systemctl status univention-system-setup-boot.service, journalctl -u univention-system-setup-boot.service -b 0 and the file /var/log/univention/setup.log to find the root cause.

Yes it did this to me several times…
i tracked it to poor installation checking
sometimes network (if it cannot reach an external nw), but also i found out you must install one of the USC
Standalone, or join options … at THIS point & after a reboot it finally configures the hostname and other items reliably.
ensure you Network is coming up reliably. (external connections/DNS etc)

Do not assume that just because you have NW when you start , it will be consistently up, I saw the installer continually connecting & disconnecting the NW during config.

also WATCH OUT for the disk partitioning, it is INCORRECT!!!
if you choose to put the areas into different partitions ,it is wrong.
they split off the “/var” partition into a separate mount, but they FAIL to check that it is the MINIMUM size for an upgrade!!!
/var/cache is used for upgrade files & it has to be a minimum of 4GB, “/var/” can get WAY bigger and so later your upgrades fail due to insufficient size.
It might be that silently causing the issue during install