UCS 5.0-2 has been released

With Univention Corporate Server 5.0-2, the second point release for Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is now available.

UCS 5.0-2 provides several feature improvements and extensions, new properties as well as various improvements and bugfixes. Here is an overview of the most important changes:

  • The User Self Service was integrated into the UCS portal. Furthermore, the support for additional placeholders was extended among others, such as firstname and lastname in the email template for password reset.
  • For RADIUS, users can assign a so-called service specific password. And administrators can assign dedicated VLANs to user groups to increase network security.
  • SameSite Cookies can now be configured for UMC and SAML.
  • The AD Takeover has been made more robust.
  • Numerous performance improvements have been implemented regarding DNS, LDAP and during the sign in to UMC.
  • The French translation for the UCS management system was updated.
  • The UMC system diagnostics has been extended: Several new checks have been added and some older have been improved.
  • Most packages have been migrated to Python 3. Their Python 2 counterparts are no longer installed by default and will be removed.
  • This Univention Corporate Server release is based on Debian 10.12 Buster.
  • Various security updates have been integrated into UCS 5.0-2, for example for Samba4, OpenLDAP, OpenSSL, and the Linux kernel.

Notes about the release, download and documentation can be found at the following resources:

Questions can be asked at Univention Help in the UCS category.