UCS 5.0-1 to 5.0-2 error cause too small boot space


Trying to upgrade from UCS 5.0-1 to 5.0-2 and I’m getting this error right after I click upgrade. I’m using the UCS VM I downloaded years ago. Can somebody help me out, how to expand the boot partition of my UCS VM. I already set the UCR to prune old kernels, but it seems it wasn’t enough.

Thank you!
Not enough space in /boot, need at least 100 MB.
This may interrupt the update and result in an inconsistent system!

This check can be disabled by setting the UCR variable 'update50/ignore_free_space' to 'yes'.
But be aware that this is not recommended!

Error: Update aborted by pre-update script of release 5.0-2

PS: My sda1 is 487M, so I’m not sure about the error


without knowing how big the partition is I cannot promise that this is sufficient, but there might be old kernels polluting your /boot partition. To clean them univention-prune-kernels can be used.

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Hi already did clean old kernels, I checked the folder and there is hardly anything in it, just the current kernel.

Let’s check how much space is available and what pollutes your partition. What is the output of the commands du -h /boot and df -h /boot?



Thanks for getting back to me!

sudo du -h /boot
4,2M    /boot/grub/locale
2,1M    /boot/grub/i386-pc
2,3M    /boot/grub/fonts
12M     /boot/grub
12K     /boot/lost+found
139M    /boot
sudo df -h /boot
Fájlrendszer   Méret Fogl. Szab. Fo.% Csatol. pont
/dev/sda1       470M  139M  307M  32% /boot

From looking at the provided output you should have enough space (at least 100 MB are needed and 307 MB are usable), so maybe you can try again? If the problem persists it should be ok to ignore the check as shown via UCR.

If you want to debug this further I looked into the concerning code - You could to calculate the size by hand to see if it tells you something different:

echo "$(($(stat -f -c '%a*%S' /boot)/1024))"

possibly file a bug…
so that

“echo " Not enough space in $partition, need at least $usersize.”

also returns what it FOUND, size wise, rather than assuming is Is less than 100m
my first idea would be to change the source line so that is WHAT it is doing. (displaying WHAT it thinks it is)

maybe some funky boot sequence where it is looking at the wrong drive or maybe the user is…?