UCS 5.0-1 Join MS AD Domain failing

I hope someone can help.
I am trying to add a new UCS server to a MS AD domain to be used at a remote site. I already have one UCS server in this domain which is operating fine, but I’m hitting an error when trying to join this second one.

The issue is pretty much as the screenshot shows:


XXX-File01 is another UCS server, and for some reason it thinks the version is lower than the installing version. I have updated XXX-File01 as much as possible, but still this error is showing. I was also using the same base UCS VM image(KVM) that I used to set up XXX-File01, so the version should be the same, or in fact higher. I have downloaded the latest KVM image as well, and the error is still the same.

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong, or can anyone point me to where the local install logs are (I also don’t know the KVM image’s user:password to log into the shell)?

Thanks in advance.

hmmm… my bad. Sorry.
I wasn’t using the “Administrator” account when joining, I was using my own privileged user account instead
Using “Administrator” sorts it.