UCS 5.0-1 has been released

With Univention Corporate Server 5.0-1, the first point release for Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is now available.

UCS 5.0-1 provides several feature improvements and extensions, new properties as well as various improvements and bugfixes. Here is an overview of the most important changes:

  • UCS 5 light theme design. As announced with the release of UCS 5.0-0, in addition to the dark theme, there is also a light theme for UCS 5.0, allowing users of the UCS management system to switch between the two themes.

  • Scheduled user account activation. UCS administrators can create user accounts and define the date and time when they will be activated. User account creation can thus be better scheduled and done in advance without the user accounts being active right away.

  • Numerous improvements to the UCS Portal. Users of the UCS Portal can enjoy numerous improvement. Worth mentioning here are:

    • Improvements in the accessibility of the portal, for example, in the operation with the keyboard.
    • Improved handling of translation in a separate dialog to declutter the editing dialog.
    • Improved handling of notifications.
    • The cookie banner layout has been adapted to match the portal layout.
  • App Center: Several bugfixes in the handling of app settings.

  • User creation wizard: display attributes marked as required. UCR variables can be used to configure which user attributes have which default values and are visible when a user account is created. This allows an administrator to specify, for example, which parameters must be explicitly set and contain values in any case when creating a user account, e.g. the email address, which is not required by default.

  • This UCS release is based on Debian 10.11 Buster.

  • Various security updates have been integrated into UCS 5.0-1, for example for Samba4, OpenSSL, PHP and the Linux kernel.

Notes about the release, download and documentation can be found at the following resources:

Questions can be asked at Univention Help in the UCS category.