UCS 4 - uvmm pool default path

I am using UCS 4 and have a couple of virtual machines setup in the default uvmm path (/var/lib/libvirt/images). I would like to move the location of the VM images off the root partition to a larger data volume. I have copied the VM image files to the new path and modified the “/uvmm/pool/default/path” varaible in the UCR, but UVMM continues always to try to find images in the default path. I thought at 1st I would just need to restart the virtualisation services, but even after a reboot, UVMM continues to only accept image names from the default path, and not to accept valid image paths in the new location as set by the above UCR variable (/data/vmstore in my case).

I seem to remember being able to achieve this in UCS 3.2. Has something changed such that this cannot be done in UCS 4? Or should I create a link at the default path to point to my new preferred location ? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

As a follow-up to my own post, I found the likely configuration file that seems to set the default pool path at:-


I edited the “path” line in that file to reflect my preferred pool path (It was still pointing to the default path of “/var/lib/libvirt/images” despite the fact that the UCR variable “/uvmm/pool/default/path” was set to “/data/vmstore”). The edit survived a reboot & solved my issue.

So either my UCS config is slightly broken, or perhaps this could be a bug. I hesitate to suggest a bug as I’d be more than a little surprised if I were the 1st person to run across it. Maybe someone would like to compare notes on this and confirm/disprove? If I haven’t seen a response in the next few days I’ll run up a test install when I have more time to see if I can reproduce it.

Hello tose,

as you already noticed, changing the UCR variable is not enough. :slight_smile:
Instead of editing the default.xml file manually, I’d prefer the following approach:

ucr set uvmm/pool/default/path="/data/vmstore" virsh pool-destroy default virsh pool-undefine default invoke-rc.d univention-virtual-machine-manager-daemon restart invoke-rc.d univention-virtual-machine-manager-node-common restart

FYI, this is also described int the manual: docs.univention.de/manual-4.0.ht … ::movepool

Thank you so much for your response Grandjean. I am certainly guilty of not reading the manual sufficiently (and not my 1st offence I’m afraid). I will amend my config as you suggest.

Thank you again.