UCS 4.4 Upgrade failure


Just trying to upgrade a UCS 4.3-3 Errata 477 instance to UCS 4.4-0. The upgrade fails and the updater.log file output is as follows:-

Starting univention-upgrade. Current UCS version is 4.3-3 errata477

Checking for release updates:                           found: UCS 4.4-0
Starting update to UCS version 4.4-0 at Sat Apr 13 11:14:29 2019...
Starting update to UCS version 4.4-0
13.04.19 11:14:30.321  DEBUG_INIT
**** Starting univention-updater with parameter=['/usr/share/univention-updater/univention-updater', 'net', '--updateto', '4.4-0', '--silent']
starting net mode
--->DBG:update_available(mode=net, cdrom_mount_point=/media/cdrom, iso=None)
Checking network repository
Update to = 4.4-0
**** Downloading scripts at Sat Apr 13 11:16:42 2019
Error: Update aborted due to configuration error: Configuration error: host is unresolvable
exitcode of univention-updater: 1
ERROR: update failed. Please check /var/log/univention/updater.log

That sort of looks to me like an unavailable repository host. Has anyone seen similar error or behaviour on 4.4-0 upgrade?


Not really — “host is unresolvable” means that the DNS resolution of the host name failed. At that point the updater tries to retrieve the following script:


You should check if you server can download it, if it can resolve the host name etc.

If it can, simply try to restart the upgrade.


Thanks Moritz,

I can certainly download that script now. I will try the upgrade again when I have an appropriate window to do so.


Yes, on re-attempt the upgrade proceeded normally & completed successfully. So it seems it was, as you suggest, a temporary name resolution failure.