UCS 4.4 LXC install but need to change hostname

Hey all,

First time posting after my first UCS install. It was a bit of a different install seeing as how I don’t like VM’s and bare metal installs are not an option at our org. I created an LXC template from the 4.4 KVM image and it seems to work just great.

There is one problem though. How the hell do you set the hostname in UCS? Or is there some way to set it during the install process (I didn’t see one). If there is a way during the install then a new install is no problem. goes really quick with the LXC template.


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I haven’t done an install in a bit, but I’m almost certain it’s done during the install. I know I haven’t had to set anything after the fact. I think it’s right before or after the domain setup where it shows the LDAP info.

OK. found where I can change it but when I do I can’t get any further in the install. I can change the domain and tld but as soon as I try and change the hostname it won’t go to the package selection page.

OK. Figured out what the problem is. There is a 13 character limit set for the hostname (kinda friggen useless). Guess we will be adjusting our network a bit to accommodate a bit of poorly written code. Unless of course there is an actual valid reason to limit to 13 characters, in which case a note on that page may be the intelligent way to go.

I would guess this is to make sure Windows support works in almost all circumstances. I don’t know what the latest limits are for newer versions of Windows, but I know various things could break with long names on older versions. I think this was still an issue in the Windows 7 era which is what I still run into the most of. I’d be happy to be rid of Windows entirely, but I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon.

Actually the only limitation is the 13 character limit for Windows hostname shares. Which is basically a non issue for a Linux box. So an option to set a shorter samba name would work just fine. however, currently MS Windows limitations are dictating Linux functionality.

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@Chuck can you share your lxc or how do you do it?


well until I find a bit of time to get docker running I would rather not release it just yet. if you don’t need docker support (which I personally do not and will not ever need) then I may send you a copy if you sprinkle a bit of sugar on top when you ask. :wink: