UCS 4.4-9 samba-4.10 & Windows 11 22H2

Hi, i would like to patch samba 4.10 coming with ucs 4.4-9 so i can use windows 11 22h2 on my domain, is there any info about rebuild samba sources from ucs repos?

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Really curious if that’s doable. I found this link discussing the fix being backported to 4.12 perhaps it’s possible to bring it back further.

Official UCS supported release is 5.0-2

yes the patch are really few lines. I understand that univention cannot keep too many versions so i think a rebuild can be done by us.

below are the instructions for compiling samba with the patch attached.

mkdir samba-win1122h2

cd samba-win1122h2

curl -kLO https://download.univention.de/4.4/unmaintained/component/4.4-9-errata/source/samba_4.10.18-1A~

curl -kLO https://download.univention.de/4.4/unmaintained/component/4.4-9-errata/source/samba_4.10.18.orig.tar.gz

tar xvf samba_4.10.18.orig.tar.gz

cd samba-4.10.18

tar xvf ../samba_4.10.18-1A~

patch -p1 < ../samba-win1122h2.patch

univention-install bison debhelper libcups2-dev libtracker-sparql-1.0-dev libgnutls28-dev libgpgme-dev libjansson-dev libldap

2-dev libldb-dev liblmdb-dev libncurses5-dev libpam0g-dev libparse-yapp-perl libpopt-dev libreadline-dev libsystemd-dev libtalloc-dev libtdb-dev libtevent-dev po-debconf python-ldb-dev python-talloc-dev python-testtools xfslibs-dev xsltproc zlib1g-dev docbook-xml docbook-xsl flex glusterfs-common libacl1-dev libarchive-dev libattr1-dev libavahi-client-dev

libavahi-common-dev libblkid-dev libbsd-dev libcap-dev libcephfs-dev libcmocka-dev

dpkg-buildpackage -b --no-sign --target-arch amd64 --build-by=bb

Processing: samba-4.10.18-win1122h2.patch…


Hi - I need this patch but I can’t get the samaba-4.10.18-win1122h2.patch …

Is it stored somewhere please?

I’m very sorry, below the right attach patch file

samba-4.10.18-win1122h2.patch.gz (1.1 KB)