UCS 4.4-9 e1278 to UCS 5.0-2 upgrade error: newer version Kopano is needed (latest version installed)

We have 2 UCS 4.4-9 errata1278 servers, a primary and a backup.

UCS backup server has latest Kopano Core (, Kopano WebApp ( and Z-Push for Kopano (2.6.4) installed. App center shows there are no more updates.

When trying to upgrade the primary UCS server to UCS 5.0-2 it errors out with:

The system can not be updated to UCS 5.0 due to the following reasons:


The Kopano App is or was installed in your domain.
A newer version of the Kopano App is needed in order to update to UCS 5.0.
Kopano and Univention are currently working on providing this new version
as soon a possible.

The App Center on this primary UCS sees the Kopano apps installed in the domain and shows the correct (latest) versions of these apps.

This feels like a dependency issue. Anyone with an idea how to resolve this?

The message is misleading and needs to be updated. You need to execute what is given in the following paragraph: univention-remove --purge kopano4ucs-udm. The new Kopano App version automatically installs and registers the components that were previously part of the kopano4ucs-udm package

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Will it automatically install and register the components even if Kopano has already been installed on the backup server?

Yes, the latest Kopano Apps for UCS 4.4 will do that, independent of the server role where they are installed.