UCS 4.4-1: First point release for UCS 4.4 available

Univention is pleased to announce the availability of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.4-1, the first point release of UCS 4.4. It includes all errata updates issued for UCS 4.4-0 and provides various improvements and bugfixes especially in the following areas:

  • By configuring stylesheets, the look and feel of the login and self-service websites can be customized.

  • There are significant performance improvements of the Directory Manager in environments with extensive LDAP structures.

  • A new feature in the App Center gives hints for additional apps, based on the apps already installed in the environment.

  • A beta version of the new UDM Rest API has been released.

  • The source code of some UCS packages has been adapted for future migration to Python 3.

  • Various security updates have been integrated into UCS 4.4-1, e.g. Samba, the Linux kernel and Dovecot.

Notes about the release, download and documentation can be found at the following ressources:

Questions can be asked here at Univention Help in the UCS category.