Ucs 4.3 with ucc

I have a client running UCS 4.2 and UCC on some stations. Is it possible to have UCC in UCS 4.3?
It was suggested in another topic to use OPSI, but it is not even available in UCS 4.3
Anyway, how best to be able to continue to enjoy a minimum product with the same features as the UCC?

Best Regards,
Michael Voigt


well, as UCC replacement you might use Ubuntu with the Univention Join-Client. OPSI is still under devolpment and it will be released for UCS 4.3, yes. But I can not say when. Either be patient or look for another solution.

Afaik besides of OPSI there is m23 but I hav no experience in it.

Besides of UCS build-in app solutions you could set up a PXE-/Clonezilla-Server on your own. It is not very complicated, but definetly more error-prone compared to the build-in solutions, indeed.
Setting up a PXE/ TFTP server is partially described here. And for the Ubuntu-part take a look here.

Hope it helped.

Besides the alternatives, UCC can still be installed on UCS 4.3. It is not visibble in the App Center because the App has been set to be End of Life. It can be installed with
univention-app install --skip-checks=must_not_be_end_of_life ucc

Wonderful, thank you.
It would be nice to have a native UCS tftp to install Ubuntu with Domain Join, what do you guys think?

Best Regards,
Michael Voigt

You can achieve this with opsi or m23, so IMO there is no benefit in an additionally solution. So what you want is to reanimate the UCC imaging server. But this was IMO the most problematic component of UCC and IMO the reason for the modest success of UCC itself.

Okay, thank you very much for the directions. I’ll wait and see if I can get used to OPSI.

Best Regards,
Michael Voigt