UCS 4.3 - Where can I find the software sources?

Hey, dear fellas,

I am playing around with UCS 4.3 (more precisely: 4.3-0 errata3), and the current template of the openssh-server annoys me badly. I thought I’d just write a better template and open a bug report against openssh-server. It’s not a big deal, a declaration of Contributor Agreement for Univention was filled out a long time ago, so all legal aspects have therefore been settled… Horray! Lets start…
Unfortunately the source section on the univention homepage (see: Contributor Agreement) still points to “apt.univention.de” and there are no sources to be found.
Then I remember the SVN-server, but there is the last commit is Rev 32787, 2017-09-06 14:15:48 and still points to branch ucs-4.2.
Congratulations: now I’m confused :confused:: Has the repository been changed and I didn’t notice? Are you probably using a git now, against which I can write a simple merge request with ease? That would be splendidly excellent! But unfortunately I can’t find anything !:scream:!

Hence the simple question: Where can I find the current sources?
And please do me a little favour: If someone could update the links on your homepage and add a source tag here?

Seems it was only announced via twitter. Did not find a blog in Univention.com

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Perfect! Thanks a lot Felix!

@univention: Please would you change the link to the sources in https://www.univention.com/about-us/open-source/contributor-agreement/, pointing to “https://github.com/univention/univention-corporate-server” instead of “apt.univention.de”?

It might be better to send those observations to feedback@univention.de — chances are higher it’s getting looked. Sometimes threads such as this one are overlooked due to the sheer number of threads.

I have created a bug report: http://forge.univention.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=46739


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