UCS 4.3 - User SMB quota can't be set!


I need help :wink:

When I set user quota via UMC for user 111111 (512MB/1024MB - soft/hard) it creates user #111111. It doesn’t affect this user home folder quota. When I check on workstation “My computer” tab there is a network localization \PDC_SERVER_NAME\111111 (H:) but it displays whole disk free space not defined in quota.

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Quota works for user Administrator.
Is it possible that repquota doesn’t work when user name start with number?


we have the same issue, did you solved the problem?

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I just had a problem when username starts on number, when I changed it to start on letter “u” like user all back to normal :wink: That was my problem.
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I created a patch for the Debian source package univention-quota. Currently I cannot provide a release date for that. Please also note that the patch has not been peer reviewed yet.