UCS 4.3 Remotedesktop


Bei mir funktioniert auf den Server 2012 Remotedesktop nicht mehr.
Die Fehlermeldung lautet hier 0xC000005E (kein Anmeldeserver verfügbar)
Kann das jemand bitte mal testen?

Vielen Dank


Hallo @pixelpeter,

siehe auch: No RDP connection to domain computers - Da ist die Lösung für dein Problem.


- mike

We are currently checking the issue and will report our results.

It looks like the firewall of the UCS 4.3 Samba/AD DCs is blocking TCP ports dynamically allocated by Samba 4.7. In our lab we found that the following adjustment fixed the issue:

ucr set \
     security/packetfilter/package/univention-samba4/tcp/49152:65535/all="ACCEPT" \
     security/packetfilter/package/univention-samba4/tcp/49152:65535/all/en="Dynamic RPC Ports (Samba)"

ucr unset \
     security/packetfilter/package/univention-samba4/tcp/49152/all \

service univention-firewall restart

Please note that this needs to be adjusted on all UCS 4.3 Samba/AD DCs.
We will also prepare an errata update to address this.

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