[UCS 4.3] Problems with Redirected folders


I’d like to do user Home folder redirection into \\domain.controller\%USERNAME%. Data should be sync between local computer and network folder. Is there any tutorial how to do it properly? I don’t want roaming profiles because of loading time issue.

Thanks for help


I made folder redirection using GPO. I’ve created share called Users and made redirection Desktop folder and My Documents to that share.
Yesterday i opened some .xls file and forgot to close it. It stayed open all night. When I log in this morning my file was missing. Insted of it there was some 34FGHT567.dat file. I couldn’t open it because that file was opened in some other proccess how and error said couldn’t figure what process was that exactly, but it was some server proccess.
Anyone can give some tips how to avoid that situation in the future? I can’t use server in production if there is something wrong with the file managment.

Thanks in advance.

Look for oplocks and related stuff.

Samba creates locks for open files which is very important in shared environments with many users.

If it is just for the personal folder, you can just disable oplocks. Does afaik not have any influence in small environment.