UCS 4.3 CUPS Printer sharing with Windows 10




After I managed to get almost everything up & running, I started to configure CUPS.
At the moment, a bunch of UTAX / TA printers are in use.

I have added the drivers as described in https://docs.software-univention.de/handbuch.html#print::ppdlisten

I then created the printers and administered them on a Windows SBS 2011 server (Windows 2008 R2) as described in https://docs.software-univention.de/handbuch.html#print-services:winclients

The issues:

  1. I made a mistake with the path used for the PPDs in the LDAP Registry.
    The old printers, using this path cannot be deleted apparently, they keep showing up, even after 1) deleting them from the “Devices Page” in the UMC, 2) deleting them from the CUPS website (https://localhost:631) 3) uninstalling CUPS althogether and 4) "grep"ing for queue-names and removing them from there

  2. I’ve re-installed some printers completely. On the Windows 2008 R2 Server, all properties are set correctly: Papertrays, Duplex unit. In the print-settings,the correct ppaper tray, color settings and duplex settings are set - and remain set!
    If I add a printer on a Windows 10 client, these settings are gone. I cannot add the second paper tray, I can change some printing settings.
    I have even set these options in the PPD, using the cups web-site, to no avail: On each and every Windows 10 client, the settings are lost and especially the 2nd papertray is gone.

Any ideas on how to properly share printers on UCS / CUPS here?
A last resort is to install each printer directly on each Windows 10 Client, of course, but that a) sucks and b) come on - aren’t we trying to make UCS the best Windows replacement ever?!