UCS 4.1 and upgarde to Owncloud 10

I have running Agorum on my UCS 4.1. So I musst now wait to upgrade to 4.2

Now I read that a upgrade path from owncloud 9.1 to 10 is available. But in my installation it not shown. Is that right or must I wait - or must i upgrade to 4.2?


we are working on the migration guide, and it will be a part of the owncloud docs

As soon as its done - we will make an announcement. For now - you can either wait or do the migration yourself.

Just execute this commands for the 9 to 10 migration:

univention-app remove owncloud82
univention-app update
univention-app install owncloud

I recommend waiting though.

If you do the upgrade - let me know how it went and if I could help you in any way

OK - my migration to owncloud 10 is not urgend. So I will wait until you announce the final migration guide