UCS 4.0-3 errata288 & Windows 2008R2 Foundation as member

I successfully created AD Domain on UCS 4.0-3 (errata 288). After joining a windows 2008 R2 Foundation server as a member in domain, it throws the following popup after login:
“The server did not finish checking the license compliance. If the server is joined to a domain, make sure that the server can connect to a domain controller. If the license compliant check cannot be completed, the server will automatically shut down in […]”.
Improvement of compatibility to Active Directory which allows Windows 2008 R2 Foundation servers to join the domain as a member server has been officially announced here: [url]UCS 4.0-2: Second point release available]
Acording to http://errata.univention.de/ucs/4.0/104.html bugfix information this bug should be fixed with errata ID 104. I assume that if UCS current version is UCS 4.0-3 errata 288, that means errata 104 is already installed. Re-joining Windows 2008 R2 Foundation server to domain doesn’t solve the issue.
What is missing that prevents joining Windows 2008 R2 Foundation server to USC AD domain ?

It looks like after 6-8 hours from re-joining Windows 2008 R2 Foundation to domain popup has been stopped.
I hope it means that problem is solved.

We published an errata update on friday to address this problem. So the problem should be fixed if your UCS is up-to-date.

Kind Regards,
Jens Thorp-Hansen